Camp Chef Smoker Reviews – Are They Worth Buying?

Are They Worth The Money

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Nothing grills you a meal better than a pellet grill. Owing to the most scrumptious of results that pellet grills have delivered overtime, these handy ovens have become the go-to for most meat lovers. 

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Be it the smokey flavor or the tenderness of the meat that falls right off the bone, a pellet grill is an amazing tool that lets you master the art of slow cooking to is entirety but not so fast now! There is still a catch to it…

With the endless parades of ovens, smoke ovens, barbecue grills and what not, where do you even begin to know what to buy? Camp Chef may be a well known industrial leader today but is it really worth the purchase? 

We have narrowed down the search for you but before we get into the details, lets first be clear on what your needs really are. Camp Chef is a manufacturer of solid outdoor cookware from impeccable smoke ovens to even its accessories and spare parts. 

The brand has now been ruling the industry for over 20 years and had been consistent in results throughout its tenure. The brand focuses largely on producing cookware that lets you enjoy the best of meals in the best of times; when you are on vacation camping with your family. Don’t look away if outdoors are not your thing. Camp Chef ovens are a wise choice even when you just want to enjoy a scrumptious meal at home. 

Best Overall.

Camp Chef's PG24DLX Deluxe Pellet Grill

Built specifically to last you a lifetime, the Deluxe Pellet by Camp Chef is by far the easiest to assemble and gives you added feasibility of digital controls like electronic ignition, temperature adjustments, meat probe and all the goodness in between.

The piece of art equipment really does deliver what it states. The smart grill will give you the most deliciously cooked meals with the least amount of effort on your part.

If you are wondering whether it can cook you up a whole brisket, rest assured because it certainly can!

Sustaining temperatures up to a whopping 500 Fahrenheit, Deluxe allows you to cook your meals in a range of textures from braised, seared, smoked or even baked.

You name it and the Camp Chef Deluxe has got you covered but if you want to get a real taste of this little wonder, we would recommend some old fashioned barbecued ribs or even burger patties.

The smoked flavor is just what you need to make the best out of it and you get exactly that with this one.

Product Dimensions

45 x 21 x 51 inches

Item Weight

​127 pounds

Best Vertical Pellet Smoker

Camp Chef PGVXXL Vertical Pellet Grill and Smoker

If you have your heart set on wood pellet grills or smokers, this one’s for you. While conventional pellet grills are built in the basic barrel shape, Camp Chef decided to turn it up a notch with the physical appeal of things with its revolutionary  PGVXXL Vertical Pellet Grill and Smoker. 

Not only is this one built in a lean vertical shape, it gives you everything you expect from a good wood pellet to do for you, from the internal fan that regulates the heat to the auger and even a hopper. 

With its countless products ruling the industry, the PGVXXL yet stands apart from the rest as it doesn’t just live up to the brand’s reputation of giving impeccably accurate controls each time but it also sustains a new feature of handling lower degrees of heat just as smoothly. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe the 4 grills grates it comes with will!

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Product Dimensions

18 x 38 x 54.5 inches

Item Weight

​136 pounds

Camp Chef SMV18S SMOKE VAULT 18​

Talk about the savory smoked flavor in some slow roasted smoked chicken and the Smoke Vault 18 cannot be ignored. With a clean and simplistic design, there is definitely a lot more than what meets the eye with this one. If you want the low and slow juicy goodness, the Smoke Vault 18 is quite the purchase.

The model consists of a sturdy steel wood chip tray and a water pan just like any other smoker but what sets it apart from  the rest is that with this one, you can control the temperature inside to the tee! 

The Smoke Vault comes with three damper valves and an in-built thermometer that will give you a precise reading through out the cooking session. If you want to get a better picture of the heat capacity, a 350° F is the marking imprinted on the oven.

Product Dimensions

30.2 x 18.8 x 17 inches

Item Weight

63.5 pounds

Best Camp Chef Smoker Cover.

Pellet Grill Cover - 24 inch - FULL

When you’re really getting into the business of outdoor cookware, it only makes sense for you to protect your purchase with something as simple as a pellet grill cover. Camp Chef has got your back on that one too!

If you are worried about your grill catching rust in the humid weather or perhaps collecting dust when you are not not using it, the 24′ Pellet Grill Cover is all you need to keep your grill looking chic and shiny for years to come. Not only will this protect the oven from getting rusty but will also help you get consistent results with the burners inside each time.

Product Dimensions

15.8 x 8.5 x 4.6 inches

Item Weight

3.2 pounds

If feeding crowds is your agenda than there is nothing that will suit you better than the Camp Chef Flat Top grill. While sturdy and heavy duty, this little wonder will easily cook up a large dinner for the whole party! 

Be it pancakes or grilled sausages for breakfast or some aged steak that is yearning that smokey flavor, the Camp Chef Flat Top has got you covered at every delicious meal you can think of. 

If you go about comparing this one with all the other models, the Flat Top has the most  number of burners saving you time and effort in one go. Take this light and compact grill out in the open in case you are hosting a backyard barbecue lunch or pack it up to take along to a camping trip. 

You will not get tired of this one, we promise! The cast iron griddle is top notch if burgers are up on your list.

The cooking area doesn’t get any bigger than this! You can searcook your burger patties on one side, saute the onions and toast your bun on the other and you will still have room to melt some cheese! Don’t worry about all that sticking to the pan because that is nearly impossible with the Flat Top.

Product Dimensions

36 x 24 x 20 inches

Item Weight

139.7 pounds

Traeger vs Camp Chef

While Camp Chef has made rounds at the top slot numerous times over the years, Traeger never lagged behind giving the rest a run for their money. Treager might come across rather limited in variety with its products next to Camp Chef but what little range it offers, it still marks its presence in the parade. With twenty-one models launched, 

Traeger makes use of advanced technology compared to Master Chef. The high grade hardwood pellets work like a charm with the heat and smokey flavor for a Traeger model while Master Chef gives you the options of charcoal and gas as well.

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Traeger has you accompanied with electronic temperature controls for their Digital Elite Controller. It also has a brand new innovation called the  WiFIRE® controller giving you a temperature range of 165°F to 500°F. The internal cooking chamber will maintain a +/- 20 of Fahrenheit for you with the simple dial setting but if the  WiFIRE® controller is what your heart is set on than the Timberline Series is what you should be looking up.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef is rather old fashioned with its temperature controls and specifications. The brand does feature digital temperature controllers that will give you heat capacity of  160°F to 500°F but the smart technology is not something it will offer you in any of its models. Whichever model you decide to invest in, the temperature range within +/- 10 degrees F of the dial setting. 

Camp Chef does have an additional key feature of Lo Smoke and Hi Smoke where the temperature will fluctuate greatly by 15 degrees F provided, you put ample pellets in the smoke. 

The Verdict

Although Traeger is a well-established brand that indeed shaped the pellet-grill industry,, Camp Chef is giving it a run for its worth with their conventional designs and basic technology. Camp Chef may be lagging behind at innovation since Traeger managed to pull off the  WiFIRE® controller at a price far lower than Camp Chef’s basic models with no advanced technology whatsoever. The warranty and durability provided by both the brand is much the same so the only thing that sets them apart is the price point.