4 Best BBQ Rubs, Sauces And Recipes For Better Grilling Experience

Barbeques age back to the 1500s. The very thing that makes BBQs so appealing is the rubs and sauces you use you flavor the meat.

BBQ is all about get-togethers, reunion, partying, late night drinking, getting savage with cooking meat, and everything fun. For such an event, you need something that adds the much-needed flavor to the fun and that you can get from the delicious BBQ rubs and sauces we have listed here to cater to different types of BBQs. So let’s get started!

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Best BBQ Rubs

Best BBQ Rub for Ribs.

Bone Suckin' Sauce

Don’t let the “sauce” word confuse you; it is a delicious, dry BBQ rub. As the name implies, it will leave you sucking the bones of the meat. This rub was originally created as a complement to ribs, but they had to remove the word “ribs” from its name as it was considered solely for the ribs by the consumers. 

So, this rub goes all too well with beef, fish, and even shrimps. Not just that, you can also season your salads and pastas with this one. It’s an all-rounder!

Best BBQ Rub for Chicken.

The Plowboys Yardbird Rub won the American Royal Invitational Barbeque competition in 2009, so you can kick your doubts away. It has fewer ingredients and also contains less sugar than other sweet and sour rubs. It consists of mustard flour, celery powder, chili pepper, 2 percent calcium stearate to avoid caking, guanylate, and disodium inosinate. It also contains salt, so be very careful when adding more. This is just perfect for chicken and beef BBQ. The best part is that there is no MSG and gluten in Yardbird Rub.

Best BBQ Rub for Brisket.

The Salt Lick BBQ Dry Rub

This simple blend of black pepper, salt, cayenne pepper, spices, and herbs makes the meat rich and delicious. The Salt Lick BBQ Dry Rub has a peppery flavor and works perfectly with briskets as well as chicken and ribs . It is known to be an authentic Texas BBQ rub.

Best BBQ Rub for Steak.

This one is an absolute tool for pitmasters! Killer Hogs BBQ Rub is found to be the finest meat rubs you can have in your pantry. Just take it out and blow away your backyard BBQ party. It works well on everything from pork and beef to poultry. It is made with a fine blend of simple ingredients that give a wonderful mahogany bark on your meat. If you have just started to learn the art of being a pitmaster, then this is your ultimate weapon.

Best BBQ Sauces

In the world of BBQ sauces, Blues Hog is made for marinating ribs into perfection. This fine combination of sweet and heat perfectly sticks to beef, chicken, and fish and even blends well with grounded meat, but overall, it is a compliment to the ribs. It is very sticky, which makes finger and bone licking meals for your guests.

The reason for Famous Dave’s fame is BBQ. There is a huge range of BBQ sauces from Famous Dave’s, but Georgia Mustard has a separate place on the shelf because of its unique flavor given by a mix of mustard and vinegar. It works perfectly with chicken, beef, pork, and almost everything. It has a reputation for making outstanding Georgia and South Carolina BBQs that give a flavorful blast in your watering mouth.

It comes in five different flavors that you can experiment with mixing and matching on meats. When in confusion to choose particularly crafted sauces for particular meats, choose rich and thick Rufus Teague BBQ Sauces that are made with natural ingredients. 

Along with its mouth-watering flavors, another reason behind its fame is that it doesn’t contain gluten and is non-GMO. It goes perfectly with burgers, ribs, chicken, and everything. Whether you want tangy chicken wings or Brazilian hot steaks, choose this range of sauces to make your BBQ dinner a hit. This award-winning brand is exceptionally good to get your brisket game on.

Pappy's Hottest Ride

As it is said, this one is really hot! Those who are okay with extreme levels of hotness in their BBQs, Pappy’s Hottest Ride is made just for them. It goes deep in the meat, leaving you licking the bones off. This rich sauce is made from the finest ingredients including tomato sauce, garlic powder, spices, salt, sugar, and lemon. 

So, if you are planning for a steak party with Pappy’s Hottest Ride, keep some dessert on stand-by, because this is going to be a spicy ride!

4 Delicious BBQ Rub Recipes You Can Try At Home

The summers are just about to end. So before the winters hit, throw a BBQ party with these awesome BBQ rub recipes you can make at home.

Tangy Meat

Who doesn’t love a tangy flavor on their meats? Take 2 garlic cloves (crushed), grated zest of half a lemon, a quarter teaspoon of sea salt, and 2 teaspoons of fresh thyme, mix them well and rub it on to your fish, chicken, and lamb meat.

Aniseed Mix

Take a teaspoon of coriander seeds and fennel seeds and toast them in a dry pan until you can smell their wonderful fragrance, and then crush it slightly. Mix it with a half teaspoon of crushed chilies and celery salt for a unique blend of scented flavors. If you are up for prawn skewers, this is what you need. It can also go well with meat and chicken.


Combine a teaspoon of dried oregano and crushed chilies, a quarter teaspoon on ground and roasted cumin, a pinch of salt, grated zest of half a lemon, and half teaspoon of crushed garlic to give your meat a spicy, Portuguese taste. Try this one with chicken and fish.

Smoky Meat

Smokey flavor never goes out of fashion. Take a teaspoon of dark brown soft sugar and smoked paprika and a half teaspoon of mustard powder to give your steak a mouth-watering smoky flavor. This BBQ rub recipe is best for meaty cuisines.

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Wrapping Up

BBQs are a big part of many cultures, and these delicious rubs and sauces will help you feel like a chef. Each rub and sauce has its own specialty and unique characteristics, even if they have some ingredients in common. When in doubt, taste a very little amount of the rub or sauce before applying it on your meat to get a good idea of what you will get in the end.

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